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Whether it's the first turn in the snow, learning a new technique or perfecting your own skills: in our private courses, adults and children achieve their very own personal goal. Share the joy of winter sports with our professional ski instructors, make rapid personal progress and gain safety on the slopes. We do everything for your success in the snow.

A varied lesson structure by us kids instructors like to raise the children’s level in a playful way. During the week, the requirements of the Swiss Snow League are trained. The results of these exercises are entered in the Swiss Snow League booklet at the end of the course so that the children at every official Swiss ski school can easily and easily be divided into the appropriate class size.

For children from the age of four we offer the so-called Saturday courses twice a year. On 5 consecutive Saturdays the children can improve their skills in a playful way. Trained children's ski instructors specifically cater to the needs of the children and ensure varied lessons. The aim is to teach the children the basics of skiing or snowboarding, to improve their technique and to make them enjoy snow sports.

If desired, the children can share the lunch table and have a lot of fun next to the piste. Our children's ski instructors look after the little guests around lunchtime.

Our baby course is specially geared to the needs of our youngest guests up to four years of age. With the "malbi-Park" we have an exclusive children's area in the heart of Malbun with a Ka-russell (malbi-Rondo) for the first attempts at standing on skis, a 40 meter long pony lift and a covered conveyor belt. Big and small meet there to warm up, for a small lunch or a short break. The baby course is designed for at least three days and aims to develop a feeling for equipment and sport. It is primarily important to us to convey the joy of winter sports to the young athletes.

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